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The do's and don’ts of Facebook marketing...

As the social media networking market expands, more and more businesses are realising the potential of using social sites for free online marketing. This post will cover the general dos and don’ts of using Facebook for business.

If you are unsure of what to put on your Facebook page, check out my other post 'How can I use Facebook for Business'. Having set up a Facebook page with various types of content, a large proportion of businesses think that’s it, that task is complete, they are on Facebook. However, a Facebook page is not like your standard advertisement in the Yellow Pages. Far from it. To be successful on Facebook, there are several points to bare in mind:

Do make sure you post content, statuses and photos on your page regularly. A relatively blank, stagnated page or month old posts can have a detrimental effect on your social presence.

Don’t mix any personal pages with your business page. Keep your business page professional but still sociable.

Do start conversations about your business or completely unrelated topics to pull people to your page.

Don’t treat your Facebook profile as just a cheap way to run an email marketing campaign. Sending out the odd mass email to discuss, invite, or inform followers of an event would be ok, but only on a rare occasion. You would be much better off using a Facebook status update or group application to advertise an event.

Do question your followers to get feedback on product and/or idea. Use polls to engage users and market research.

Don’t just post a stream of links. Instead, comment on other profiles, posts, photos and events. This ensures that you seem human and not just a spam based profile.

Do post various types of content including video, pictures, and audio. These all help keep people interested in your page and the longer they stay on, or talk about your page, the better.

Don’t sell all the time. The most important point to remember, is that the Facebook community doesn't like to be sold to constantly. Its alright to offer something, or talk about a new product every so often, as that sparks interest.

Following these general dos and don'ts will increase your chance of social media marketing success!

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