big impact, small carbon footprint

Our work is the only thing that makes an impact here at SOZO. Everything else we do – going to meetings, hosting our websites, making a cuppa, switching off our Macs – helps to keep the planet healthy and happy.

And we don’t just mean that we recycle. We go above and beyond the norm to create environmentally friendly websites by using 100% renewable energy in our office through to carbon neutral web hosting. We even have our own SOZO forest!

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The SOZO Forest

At SOZO we are very proud of our SOZO forest which we’ve created to help offset our carbon footprint.

We pledge to plant a forest for every website we launch and offset all of our staff’s carbon footprint to create a climate positive workforce.

Checkout our forest here: https://ecologi.com/sozo


Our green pledges

  • Our office is powered by 100% renewable electricity from Ecotricity

  • Use carbon neutral web hosting providers

  • Climate friendly workforce (we help offset all our staff’s carbon footprint)

  • We plant a forest for every website we launch

  • Fast loading websites which use less energy to download

  • Use environmentally-friendly office supplies and use Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee and tea

  • Have video meetings where possible, instead of travelling to meetings

  • Get to work by walking, public transport, on bikes or via electric vehicles

  • Make regular donations to an environmental charity, Friends of the Earth

  • Work with suppliers who share our sustainable values.

Members of Plastic Free Cheltenham

Freeing communities from single use plastics is one of the main aims of Surfers Against Sewage. To do this, they’re creating a nationwide Plastic Free Community network – and our hometown of Cheltenham is a key player in this initiative. As are we: in fact, we’re part of the steering group that’s helping to drive the change locally – and we couldn’t be prouder to be a part of it.

  • electric cars & bicycles

    The boss drives an electric car and many of the team walk or cycle into work

  • green energy

    SOZO HQ is powered purely by green energy from local supplier, Ecotricity

  • recycling

    We are fanatical about recycling to reduce our impact on the environment

  • office supplies

    All of our paper is FSC Certified and we drink fairtrade coffee (a lot of it!)

Our website is powered by 100% green energy

effective digital strategy we believe in long-term partnerships

Nothing lasts forever in the digital world. Trends come and go. Technology evolves and reinvents itself. We help you stay abreast of the changes by sticking with you for the long-term. We don’t design and go. We are on hand to help you harness the ups and downs for as long as you want us.

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