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Helping to deliver meaningful impact

BCP develop award-winning forest carbon offset projects in areas of global biodiversity significance to conserve Africa’s wildlife. They are driving a new form of conservation finance that unites the community, wildlife, and climate positivity.

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Uniting community, wildlife, and climate positivity

Combining beautiful imagery with engaging video to create an impactful message

Our team at SOZO worked closely with the client to ensure the imagery and video did justice to their vital work. The content had to convey both ecology and community impact.

Our design team supplemented the imagery with interesting iconography and illustrations to create a web design which is engaging, memorable and fun to use.

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Content and design working in harmony

The copy and imagery for this site were crucial to its success. The narrative beautifully told the story of BCP’s history and values, and also explained succinctly why companies should buy their carbon credits.

Copy is also critical for SEO which is why our copywriters work very closely with our SEO team to ensure the right balance is struck between readability and keyword density.

In fact, we always start our projects with keyword research before we do any web design to ensure SEO is built in from the ground up.

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a refreshing approach to website design

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