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A professionally designed company logo can help your business soar. Whilst a poor logo can hold your business back. Is it time for a new logo?

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a company logo to attract the right customers

A strong company logo design can help you stand out from the crowd. But getting it right isn’t simple. To meaningfully connect with people, your logo needs to reflect your wider brand story – that means your values, your people, your market position, and your vision.

That’s why we work very closely with you as we design your company logo. We’re a logo design agency that believes in collaboration because we know that is the best way to create a logo that reflects your brand in the most authentic way possible. When you are you are happy with your logo design, we’ll and finish the creative and then supply your logo artwork in whatever size and format you need for all of your communications.

Your logo is a mark of your brand. If you don’t have a brand, we can create that too.

It’s easy to use the word logo when you mean brand and vice versa. In truth, your company logo is not your brand; it is a reflection of it – in the same way that a flag represents a country, but is not the country itself.

To be successful in today’s brand-literate world, you need strong branding that clearly communicates who you are, what you stand for and why people should buy from you.

If you need help defining your brand (which we call your brand story) or you need a full brand identity (company logo, strapline, tone of voice, colour palatte, typography), we can help. The first step is simple: get in touch with our Cheltenham or London office.


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Branding services to give you a little extra POW

  • brand strategy

    We uncover your ‘why’ so your branding comes rooted in your individuality.

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  • brand identity

    How you look, how you sound, how you behave - defined, created and ready-to-use.

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  • creative for print

    Brochures, exhibition stands, leaflets, flyers - if you need to make an impact on paper, come to us.

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Looking for a digital agency to become your long-term partner to help your business succeed online?

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We are a full service digital agency with added byte

We’re a digital agency with digital designers, programmers, seo specialists, content creators, digital marketers all under one roof. This means we can give you a full, end-to-end, cohesive digital marketing service, without you having to manage different suppliers in different locations – it’s not something you’ll typically find in many digital agencies. Extra byte by us. Extra ease for you.

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