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Facebook: for business or pleasure?

Most people have heard of Google Adwords; a service that allows users to advertise their websites and products next to Google search results. Facebook also offers a similar service Facebook Adverts but why should we be interested?

Facebook is now reaching 600 million users globally. More importantly, over 28 million of those users are in the United Kingdom. Of those 28 million users, 50% login every day!  Facebook has a huge audience and being able to advertise to this market opens many doors. However, what are the advantages of advertising on Facebook compared with Google Advertising or even LinkedIn Advertising?

There are several key features of Facebook Adverts that trump any other form of online advertising:

Targeted Demographics

Facebook allows Ads to be targeted at specific groups of Facebook users, to such a degree it’s almost scary. For example, I can create an advert for one of our clients Trent Valley Windows and target Facebook users based on gender, age, marital status, location and interests. These are a selection of some of the main targeting demographics BUT there are more. This was perfect for the client below, who wanted to target Facebook Users of a certain age, in a specific location, to run a Facebook offer.

Low Cost Per Click

Certainly at the moment, the average cost per click (CPC) for Facebook Ads are low and when compared with the costs of Google Adwords, they are often cheaper by as much as a third. Some of this is down to low competition as there are simply not as many businesses using Facebook Ads but also because Facebook are pricing ads competitively.  

Longer Ad Copy

Text is not always a great eye catcher, but with Facebook Ads you can include more text copy than Google Adwords. Google limit the number of text characters to 70 whereas Facebook offers 135 characters. You have to watch out for your use of punctuation and capitalisation of words though as both Google and Facebook have strict rules.  

Facebook Ads can use Images

The most fundamental visual difference between a Facebook Ad and a Google Ad, is the ability to use images. In Facebook Ads, you are allowed to upload an image of 110px by 80px (if it doesn’t fit these dimensions, the image is scaled). It helps to make that text heavy advert a lot more eye catching and improve the click through rates.

Social Exposure

An element that doesn’t exist within Google Adwords and the major advantage of Facebook Ads, is the social exposure. When a Facebook user likes the page, the notification subsequently shows up in their feed and is shared with their friends, this is often termed as 'social impressions'.

Driving Traffic to Social Media Pages

If the Facebook Ad is targeted to a business Facebook page or group page, it can connect users and encourage interaction within groups, which goes above and beyond the traditional advertising methods.  


This was a brief overview of why you should be interested and possibly try out Faecbook adverts over other forms of online advertising. It is safe to say that Facebook’s advertising platform is the single best source of attracting new fans/business contacts and hopefully, future customers.

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