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5 tops tips for SEO

There is an overwhelming amount of in-depth advice and articles online about how to improve the SEO of your website. Here, I quite simply list my top 5 "tried-and-tested-in-a-nutshell" techniques for improving SEO!

Transcript from video:

  1. Carry out extensive keyword research - target keywords that are most relevant to your business, and that provide reasonable traffic
  2. Keyword presence - once you have your list of keywords, incorporate these keywords where appropriate into your copy
  3. Balance keyword density and readability - make sure your website copy is keyword friendly without comprising the message you want to get across
  4. Aim to build credible links into your website - social media and links with other websites related to your industry are great avenues to attract links back to your website
  5. Prioritise your content - think about what the most important pages are on your website, and ensure both your audience and Google can find them with ease!

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