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Mobile web use is increasing rapidly

The number of people who regularly use their mobile devices to access the internet is increasing at a rapid rate. You need to make sure that your site is up to scratch for this ever increasing demographic!

"Do you have a tablet computer? Like an iPad, or a smart phone? If you do, chances are that you are using mobile internet more and more.
Mobile internet traffic is expected to exceed desktop traffic some time in 2015. This is a trend in user behaviour that is often noted, but rarely acted upon.
Users expect that the content delivered to them to be to the point and to load quickly. Increasingly they expect it to also use little bandwidth.
When building any website these days it is imperative to build it with mobile in mind. The content being delivered needs to be suitable to the screen size of the device, to ensure the browsing experience is optimal for the user.
This means that the code of the website needs to be both intelligent and flexible, being able to detect the size of the screen being used, with the latest web technologies. It will ensure that the content being delivered is what the user is expecting. Without costing them, or you, any more money. "

What are your experiences of mobile browsing? Are there any terrible offenders out there you wish to share? Same goes for those mobile sites which are built really well. Let me know using the comments section.

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