Taking gaming to a whole new level

Playtonic Games is a British independent video game developer and publisher. They came to SOZO because they wanted an original website with lots of animation and movement.

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"Love it! We were incredibly impressed with the work SOZO did for us. We would 100% recommend the team and love the end result."

Branding and website working in harmony

Branding and website design go hand in hand. So we always love it when we get to do both. With any new company, we always like to start by getting their brand identity right first. The website design should always be driven by the brand identity and brand guidelines.

As part of our branding service, our design team will redesign your logo and whole brand identity to make sure it aligns with your brand values. Only when this is right, can we design a website which will truly reflect who you are and why customers should choose you.

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Cutting-edge website animations

Our design team had a lot of fun on this one! We all wanted to create a cutting-edge website which would reflect the innovative and creative culture of Playtonic. SOZO’s designers and developers collaborated closely to create lots of modern web animations which made the website more engaging and memorable.

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a refreshing approach to website design

Our approach is different to a lot of web agencies, so if you’re interested in a custom website then get in touch and we can explain our process over a good coffee.

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