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Agile Mastery Institiute

Raising the bar of agile certification

Agile Mastery Institute offers a new way for individuals to develop the skills they need to manage teams and move projects forward.

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"A two-day course is never enough to achieve a deep level of understanding"

Dynamic designs for a dynamic industry

When we were commissioned to redesign the branding as well as the website for Agile Mastery Institute, our branding agency team did a little jig for joy. This was a project that really got the creative juices flowing as there was so much to say.

Using our specially-formulated branding document, our designers could instantly see what message the founder was trying to get across and how he wanted the company to be seen by customers.

For the logo, we created a simple logo structure with soft edges and warm colours to suggest a professional yet personal approach. The new branding was then carried through to the website and all branded materials.

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A website design with extra agility

The website for Agile Mastery Institute is primarily an information zone, detailing the different courses on offer and encouraging people to make enquiries.

Our in-house copywriters created engaging content with the help of our SEO marketing agency department to produce copy that ranks for Google as well as for user experience. This was complemented by YouTube videos and tutorials.

The content is also peppered with Calls to Action in the form of free downloads for interested customers. Our web development team ensured that these actions worked seamlessly while still looking appealing on the site.

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