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Comparing Easy-Builder Website Tools with Bespoke WordPress Design

Easy-builder website tools are seemingly everywhere online, but are they the right solution for an ambitious business?

We live in a DIY era – so it’s tempting to believe that anyone can build their own WordPress website from scratch. How hard could it be? Everywhere you look, you’ll see builder packages that promise pro results to non-coders. Just choose your themes and fonts, publish it onto the web – and wait for the business to flood in.

At least, that’s the theory. Granted, there’s nothing wrong with a basic builder package if you’re planning a small-scale, short-term website, perhaps for friends to check out your wedding photos. But if you’re an ambitious growing business that offers a portfolio of different services and lives or dies on brand recognition, then working with a specialist WordPress design agency is invaluable.  

Hire a custom WordPress design agency and the initial outlay may be a little more. But you only have to consider the long-term benefits to see why it makes sense.

What are the benefits of using a WordPress design agency?

A website as unique as your business

Scan the web and you’ll see endless builder-package sites that make the business look flat and generic. Meanwhile, a good WordPress design agency will meet with you to get a sense of your brand identity, then tease out the vision in your head and turn it into a dynamic design that looks great on a home computer, tablet or mobile.    

Smoother customer experience

Rather than force you into a one-size-fits-all template, a WordPress design agency will create a made-to-measure site that showcases all your services, eases visitors smoothly along the customer journey to purchase, and avoids the dreaded drop-offs.

Faster and more secure

Self-build packages add needless functionality that means the site takes ages to load and customers melt away (Google calculates that 50% of surfers wait just three seconds before giving up). A WordPress design agency will streamline your site so it loads faster and is resistant to the gremlins that could cost you time and money.

Futureproofed & scalable

A template-based site might support your business today. But when your operation grows, it won’t have the flexibility to scale up – meaning you’ll lose business as you scramble to create a new site. Far better to get it done right at the outset, enlisting a WordPress design agency who will build scalability into the original website.

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