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GDPR 2018: GDPR is a great opportunity for Marketers!

GDPR presents a great opportunity for Marketers. The opportunity to get a refined and up-to-date database of people who actually want to be marketed to and want to hear about your brand and products/services.

This will provide more efficient use of resources and save money by not emailing those people who are not interested at all.

Go through your existing database and start experimenting with great ways of introducing consent formats into your platforms.

Provide transparency as this will help generate brand trust. Provide value first and then talk about your business, people will want to hear from you! If they don’t, don’t waste your time and money contacting them.

If you have a legal basis to contact customers, be savvy about recollecting consent for GDPR. You could inform them in a prior scheduled email giving notice about GDPR and consent, letting them know that before 25th May 2018 you will be contacting them looking for up-to-date consent and be transparent with reasons.

People are aware that privacy is changing. Acting now will give you more leeway and time to help get consent from your current database before 25th of May 2018, when you may have no legal basis and therefore cannot send any emails and may have to delete data entirely.

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Disclaimer: The information in this article is for your general guidance only and is not and shall not constitute legal advice. If you need advice on your rights or responsibilities or any legal advice around data protection matters, please obtain specific legal advice and contact an adviser or solicitor, or consult the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO -


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