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Landing Page Optimisation

Once you’ve done all of the SEO hard work and achieved first page ranking for your keywords, the next challenge is to convert the click into an enquiry or sale. The success of this depends entirely on the first page they see of your site, referred to as the 'landing page'.

First impressions count. For a click from Google you only have around 3 seconds to convince them to stay on your website! So don't let all that SEO hard work go to waste

Before they read any copy they will form a general impression of your business based purely on what they see. How your site and landing page is designed, how your brand is conveyed, the imagery you use... all add up to an overall subconscious first impression. This is where bespoke and cutting-edge web design shines bright.

Intro copy and headlines
Depending on what phrase someone has searched for, you must ensure that the first page they see relates directly to that keyword search. This is a core practice for SEO's. If consumers ask a question then you need to answer it, if they are looking for information then you need to provide it clearly and concisely.

Call to actions
Make sure on all landing pages you have clear and strong call to actions which are prominent on the page (on all devices including mobile). Eg. “Contact us”, “Book now”, “Free consultation”, “Buy now” etc.

Process to conversion
Once they have clicked a call to action, ensure that the rest of the process is as seamless and intuitive as possible. It might be a contact form, or buying process that is the next step after the landing page, but whatever it is, make sure you test on all devices and analyse people’s behaviour. 

It is absolutely crucial to analyse how people use your site. You can find out what particular keyword people have used to get to your site, which page they landed on and then whether they converted. These are fundamentals for SEO. Turn this analysis into actions by continually improving landing pages and A/B testing different page layouts or content.

Click to conversion
Try to think of search engine marketing as the whole process from:

• Getting on page 1
• Enticing people to click
• Keeping them on your site
• Converting them into business
• Analyse and refine

Put simply, the more effort you put in to developing your website, SEO and appropriate landing pages, the higher your Google position should be. We appreciate some of this work can be laborious and time consuming, but the end goal is worth it. Page one, organic Google positions from effective SEO can have a substantial impact upon your business and they don’t cost you a penny!

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