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Keyword research advice for SEO

It's easy to get carried away when it comes to deciding which keyword phrases you want to be ranked highly for in search engines. While you want to achieve a high volume of traffic to your web site, it's important to ensure that the keyword phrases you are targeting are relevant to your business.

Doing so will ensure that traffic to your website stays on your website and increases the chance of visitors becoming customers/clients. This is what keyword research is.

The primary goal should be to research keyword phrases to find out what keyword phrases are relevant to your website and to then assess from this list which would provide the highest volume of traffic. A mistake often made in the stage of keyword research is to be tempted to target the keyword phrases that provide the highest volume of traffic, regardless of whether they are highly relevant to your website or not. For example, let's say the aim of your website is to sell children's clothing in Cheltenham; not men's or women's clothing, just children's. It would be a big mistake to spend your time and efforts targeting men's and women's related keywords. To begin with, you'd have a tough time trying to convince Google to position your website on the 1st page of Google if the website has no products/content to do with men's or women's clothing. Secondly, if you did achieve this and started receiving traffic to the website for keyword phrases such as "mens clothing cheltenham", the chances of the user becoming a customer is highly unlikely.

Another important part of keyword research in addition to relevancy is prioritising. While many websites out there aim to achieve Page 1 positions on Google for a range of keyword phrases, you often find they are placing higher priority on just a small selection. For example, if you were to setup five offices for yourself across Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud, Evesham and Tewkesbury, it would be very challenging to commit an equal amount of time to all of them. If you did manage this, then your time spent in each office would be divided. It's the same with keyword phrases. At SOZO Design, we begin keyword research by asking you what sort of keyword phrases you feel your website should be on the 1st page of Google for. We then take this initial list from you and research further into your suggested keyword phrases. Our research would advise on:

  • Which of your keyword suggestions provide the highest volumes of traffic
  • Any keywords you suggested that do not provide a reasonable amount of traffic
  • Any new keywords that cropped up in addition to the initial list you provided that we think are worth considering
  • Any keywords you suggested which we think would not be highly relevant to the topic/aim of your website

We then present our keyword research to you and give you the opportunity to comment and make further suggestions to us on the list of keyword phrases. The end goal is to have a confirmed list of keyword phrases that are both relevant to your website and that provide a reasonable amount of traffic. As a result, we will have a better understanding of which keyword phrases are more important to your website and SEO strategy.

The above advice is crucial to consider when researching keyword phrases. If this stage of your SEO campaign is not given the proper attention and consideration, this could limit the amount of success you receive from it. Please feel free to ask any questions below or expand on some of the points I've made.

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