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How to harness the power of AI to grow your business online

No longer a thing of science fiction, AI is becoming vital in everyday life, whether you’re using social media, Siri, or Netflix, going online shopping, or playing a video game, AI will likely be involved.

AI is particularly useful in business and, specifically, digital marketing. Digital Marketing is a key component of building and growing a brand online, and combining it with AI can save you time and money, increasing your efficiency, productivity and, therefore, your profitability.

In recent years, the technology to harness AI has become more affordable – which is good news for small businesses like yours. Now companies of all sizes can access affordable AI tools and software to drive their online visibility and effectiveness forward. Want to know how you can harness the power of AI for your business? We’ve the insights you need, but first let’s remind ourselves what AI is.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that aims to create intelligent machines that work, react and learn on their own, like humans, without being programmed specifically for each task.

Systems using artificial intelligence can be used to solve a wide variety of problems, and complete many tasks. For instance, our personal electronic devices (like smartphones and social media) use AI to learn more about us and the things we like.

They do this by following complex algorithms, or sets of rules, to take in data, recognise patterns, and make decisions and predictions based on that information.

So, what can AI do for your business?

Using AI within your digital marketing can bring many benefits to your business. With the right AI digital tools and software, you can increase your website and brand’s visibility, boost the rate of engagement on your content, and improve your users’ experience.

This, in turn, can improve your customer loyalty and help you reach more potential leads. AI tools can also help reveal future trends amongst your buyers, which can help you make decisions about your products and services.

AI can make you more visible in Google search

AI is used by search engines, including Google, to optimise the order of results for web users. Data on your search history, the sites you spend time on, and the way you input your search queries, amongst hundreds of other things, are used by the Google algorithm to help determine the order in which results appear.

Google also feeds its algorithm data gathered from voice search (via devices like Alexa and Siri). When people use voice search they generally use more natural, conversational language, rather than the typical keywords typed into a search box.

What this means for your website is that your content needs to use keywords and phrases that might be used in voice searches as well as typed searches; so colloquially-written keywords.

Moreover, because Google’s algorithm is smart – thanks to AI – it wants to provide the best results for a search based on a user’s ‘true’ intent (as opposed to blindly matching with websites that just contain the words that have been typed).

What this means is that you should understand the intent of the users who come to your website and produce content that is written specifically for them. If you need help with this, just get in touch.

AI can create better User Experiences (UX) for your online customers

Consumers want a seamless user experience from start to finish. To achieve this, many companies are increasingly investing in AI software development to help them improve their customers’ User Experience (UX) and gain brand loyalty.

For instance, an ecommerce store can use AI to track user behaviour across various platforms to provide the owner with tips on how they can improve their purchasing experience, eventually leading to more sales. AI can also be used to ensure website design is tailored to a user’s specifications, based on the analysis of collected data.

AI can be used to personalise your email marketing

Personalised email marketing is nothing new. However, AI software can improve and refine your email marketing by using consumer data to determine the best times and days to contact a user, the best frequency of contact, and the best content to send them. Naturally, this improves your customer relationships because you’re giving your audience the right information and the right time.

AI can help you answer customers’ queries more effectively

Chatbots are usually powered by AI and use machine learning to answer questions from clients and help them to find what they need. They also mean your customers have 24/7 access to information they need and are always greeted with a polite and helpful interface when they land on your site. Chatbots can also respond to several requests at once, enabling your business handle customer requests more effectively.

AI can help predict your customers’ behaviour

Predictive analysis using AI can help you save time and resources by predicting the future behaviour of your customers. For example, the right AI software can anticipate whether a person is likely to become your customer, by using data, statistical algorithms, and machine learning to identify probabilities and future outcomes.

AI can help you reach new audiences

AI technology can also help you generate new leads for your business or even find new staff. It does this by sifting through information fast to find matches, then uses data and predetermined algorithms to predict how successfully any match might be.


In conclusion, AI solutions can be a powerful addition to your digital marketing – if you know which ones you need.

Used well, Artificial Intelligence products, tools and software can increase the success of your digital marketing, saving you time and money.

But now that AI is taking a centre stage in a range of industries, there are many AI solutions in the marketplace, making it difficult to know which ones are right for your business and its goals.

If you’d like to know whether embedding AI into your digital activities is a smart step, we’re here to help. All you have to do is get in touch.

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