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WordPressbespoke website design

At SOZO we design and build completely bespoke website designs. We use the world's leading CMS platform, WordPress in order to give you the client the most flexibility. WordPress gives you enormous control and access to a worldwide marketplace for plugins to develop your website.

WordPress Brochure Websites

After years of developing our own bespoke CMS (which we still have), we made the decision to switch to Wordpress now that it is a much more secure and feature rich platform. WordPress is the world's most popular CMS platform and has the largest number of plugins available. This gives you total flexibility and scalability for your business.

At SOZO we have retained our bespoke approach to web design so we never use templates. This gives your website a more unique feel and means it is tailored exactly to represent your business.

We also have our own deployment and security system in place to ensure your site is kept up to date and more secure than standard WordPress sites. Our WordPress websites are much faster than usual due to our high performance servers and coding practices.


Mobile Responsive Web Design

The number of people browsing the internet on mobile and tablet devices has exploded in recent years and is only going to increase. With Google now actively penalising websites for not being mobile friendly, it has become a necessity to have a mobile responsive website.

How does your website perform on a mobile device? Is it quick to load? Easy to navigate with a finger? Streamlined to fit a small screen?

Here at SOZO, we build mobile friendly, responsive websites which automatically adjust to every screen size. Designing for mobile is very different to designing for desktop screens. Our designers are skilled at designing the mobile version to suit touchscreen navigation and a much smaller screen size.

People's browsing habits are different on a mobile or tablet device. They tend to read far less, scroll more, and spend less time on each page. It's important to be very concise and get straight to the point. Your mobile site must also be quick to load, which is why we strip down the graphics and optimise the images.

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