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Three Choirs Vineyards - Cheltenham Web Design Project for Desktop
Three Choirs Vineyards - Cheltenham Web Design Project for Mobile

The owner of the award-winning Three Choirs Vineyards came to SOZO looking to completely re-design and build their ecommerce website.

The old website had a very disjointed structure, dated design and poor user experience which many customers found difficult to use and navigate.

We wanted to create a website which would convey the true natural beauty of the vineyard and the rare experience that guests can experience when eating, drinking and staying at one of England's oldest and prettiest vineyards.

The project started, as always, with a completely blank canvas and we designed a beautiful website design which allowed imagery, animation, copywriting and video to complement each other and provide an alluring insight into the vineyard experience.

Powered by WordPress and WooCommerce, the website allowed for some stunning brochure-style design aspects, while having all the necessary functionality required of an ecommerce website. Three Choirs also tasked SOZO to build a new bespoke vouchers system to help merge offline and online order management and fulfilment, all through the one integrated system. 

Through piecing together bespoke web design, a powerful and custom-built ecommerce website, emotive copy and stunning videography, the result is one we are all very proud to showcase and highlights the brilliant effect these components of a website have when integrated together properly.

Our digital marketing team are now providing our Search Engine Marketing Services to drive more traffic to the website, improve online visibility and gain more bookings, sales and reservations online.

We have also now designed and built a brand-new website for their weddings side of the business located at their separate vineyard in Hampshire!

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Three Choirs Vineyards - Cheltenham Web Design Project
We are very pleased with our new website, it has taken a lot of planning and we look forward to working with SOZO to build more online sales.
Thomas Shaw - Owner   Three Choirs Vineyards