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Jane Plan is a very popular diet plan business based in London. They came to SOZO to redesign their online ecommerce website to improve it's previously poor conversion rate.

The design brief was to create a much quicker and user-friendly buying process whereby customers could select their own menu's from the website.

We reduced a previously complex and lengthy buying process down to 3 simple steps. This has increased their sales conversion rates quite dramatically.

The results in terms of site performance are very pleasing; page views up 183%, pages per visit up 22%, visit duration up 44% and bounce rate down 22%.

They do a lot of TV advertising so it was crucial that the mobile and tablet versions of the site worked aswell as the desktop site. Statistics for mobile visits are equally positive with people spending over a minute longer per visit on average.

Since our new site went live for them the improvements are as follows:

  • Overall visits up 208.23%
  • Organic visits up 659.32% (yes that's right!)
  • Bounce rate down by 15%
  • Sales conversion rate up 125.46%
  • Year on year ecommerce sales from the website have more than tripled.

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Jane Plan - Cheltenham Web Design Project
SOZO created the most beautiful website for Jane Plan and have worked tirelessly with us to keep it updated, fresh and functional. We are frequently told by clients how much they like our web site and most importantly how easy it is to use. Since we moved to SOZO our website conversion rate has increased by 125%. I can’t thank them enough.
Jane Michell   Jane Plan

the results

  • 659 % Organic visits up

  • 125 % Sales conversion rate up

  • 300 % Increase in annual sales