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Gleneagles Hotel - Cheltenham Web Design Project for Desktop

Gleneagles Hotel have built a collection of stunning holiday homes on The Gleneagles Estate and they commissioned SOZO to help them market the properties.

The brief was to target high net worth individuals to buy seasonal ownership of their holiday homes. We devised a marketing plan which involved a sending a series of beautifully designed direct mail packages to groups such as Doctors, Solicitors, Directors etc.

Each pack was housed in a stunning custom made box with gold embossing to create excitement and the feeling that the recipient was receiving a present. Inside each box was a Gleneagles golf ball, shortbread and a special invitation to view the properties.

We also designed email campaigns and magazine adverts to raise awareness of the scheme.

Overall the campaign was a great success and had one of the highest conversion rates of any direct mail campaign that Gleneagles had ever done for Glenmor.

A great privilege for SOZO to work with such an iconic Hotel.

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Gleneagles Hotel - Cheltenham Web Design Project