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Ermin Fosse Financial Advisors - Cheltenham Web Design Project for Desktop
Ermin Fosse Financial Advisors - Cheltenham Web Design Project for Mobile

Formerly Kellands Cotswold, SOZO were commissioned to rebrand the client to Ermin Fosse and create an engaging website which was different to the standard financial advisors style of site.

The financial advisor industry tends to have very safe and traditional websites which are pretty dull and uninspiring. We wanted to create something a lot more engaging and visually interesting so we designed an infographic on the home page which showed the financial journey of a person. This resulted in a much more interesting home page than the typical library photo scrolling banner.

We also designed other interesting infographics out of financial data and facts. Sounds boring I know but check it out they are actually very interesting honest!

The end result is an engaging and interesting website which really stands them out in a crowded marketplace. They have received many plaudits for the website and it recently scored over 80% for best websites in their sector.

We now provide our Search Marketing Services to drive new business to the business which is starting to delivery some great new clients for them. Needless to say the client is very pleased (see testimonial below).

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Ermin Fosse Financial Advisors - Cheltenham Web Design Project
Shaun and the team have been exceptional from day one.
Not only are we delighted with our new site but we are all particularly impressed with the after sales service and ongoing support.
Ermin Fosse   Ermin Fosse Financial Advisors