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Indulge Browines

Delicious brownies to indulge in

Indulge Brownies create mail-order brownies that can be posted through the letterbox. Following their launch, Indulge Brownies asked us to design a website that would boost brand awareness and generate new sales.

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"We created a website that felt as indulgent as the brownies themselves"

A web design that reflects the product

Our designers chose a rich colour palette to highlight the rich quality of the brownies. With an emphasis on enticing imagery, we built an ecommerce site that is intuitive and easy to use. In just a few simple clicks, the user can choose their brownie gifts to send through the post.


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Scaling the Google page rankings

As a leading digital design and marketing agency, our SEO experts pulled out all the stops to ensure that Indulge Brownies started to rank on Google.

This involved developing a Google Ads strategy, embedding SEO keywords and creating blogs around topical authority and results that people were searching for. This has helped to boost Indulge Brownies Google rankings organically while boosting their online market presence.

Content and design working in harmony

Creative design was obviously needed to make this website a success. But great design has to go hand in hand with great content.

The copy written for this site provides the right tone of voice to correctly describe each project, service and process.

Essential to rank in Google, keyword research identified terms that related to the services available, and these terms have been carefully inserted into the copy.

In fact we always start our projects with keyword research before we do any web design to ensure SEO is built in from the ground up.

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A refreshing approach to website design

Our approach is different to a lot of web agencies, so if you’re interested in a custom website with intelligent digital marketing then get in touch and we can explain our process over a good coffee.

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