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We are very excited about HTML5!

All the developers, myself included, are really excited to have made the switch from using HTML4 standards to HTML5 standards. Watch the video below to learn why!

We are really excited here about HTML5. Unlike the iPhone, a new version of HTML doesn't come out every year!
HTML5 is the convergence of web technologies which help to make websites interactive and interesting to use. Frankly this is the biggest jump forwards in over a decade!
It is a single script which enables us to do animations, use audio as an input, even make web applications which can work without the internet. In fact, the possibilities are actually limitless!
Most websites that exist on the internet today are actually built in HTML4 which was released back in 1997. It paved the way for massive improvements in how websites were built and designed. And to illustrate the point, let's look at the Lego website. Here is how it appeared in 1996 when it was coded in HTML3...
Now you can see the version as it was coded in HTML4...
And this is today's version, which you can view now, which is built in HTML5. 
Look at how much each different version of code has enabled the website to jump forwards!
There are too many amazing features in HTML5 for me to go into all of them here, but I hope I have given you an insight into why HTML5 is so exciting for us.
What are your thoughts on HTML5? We would love to know, tell us all about them using the comments section below.

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