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25 Bold Predictions for SEO & VR

25 Bold Predictions for SEO & VR

SOZO's bold predictions for 2020 in SEO, Virtual Reality and Social Media

SEO Bold Predictions

1. Voice search will rise and account for more than 20% of UK Google Searches within 12 months. Mobile non-voice search volume will continue to increase its growth over desktop search volume, which will stay close to flat.

2. Google will remain the dominant referrer of website search traffic by more than 7 times. No other search platform will come even close.

3. YouTube’s worldwide traffic share for search will grow by over 10% in the next 12 months - mobile traffic growing by the largest share.

4. One of the top reasons for using voice search will be whilst driving. Especially with the strict new laws in the UK regarding mobile usage whilst driving. In addition voice recognition on mobiles and personal assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa are becoming more accurate and popular.

5. The top 10 mobile apps measured through average users over a month will remain virtually the same.

6. Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s) will come out swinging, gaining further momentum due to their offline capabilities but native app style. Knocking native apps off their perch.

7. ASO (app store optimisation) importance will become more widely acknowledged and necessary to get an app on top of the charts in an already multi-million strong crowded marketplace.


Virtual Reality Bold Predictions

8. It’ll be used as a marketing personalisation tool - tying online, mobile and in-store channels together and bringing customers one, unified experience.

9. VR porn is set to boom and will give the industry a huge boost just as it did for the internet itself.

10. AR becoming the dominant reality in v-commerce - overlaying the real world with digital content is a more impactful way to interact with a customer in a physical space and show them a wide range of products.

11. VR will appear in more marketing imagery - 'virtuality' will become a key theme as it is on Getty Images already.

12. The VR hype will fade, legitimacy will set in for research, development and investment from companies.

13. AR and VR will move from gaming towards business and customer implementations as they realise its potential to transform our day-to-day interactions, our work and our processes. Focus will be specifically oriented towards Mixed Reality.

14. Custom VR content will become mainstream - from virtual showrooms and property developments to the classroom and operating theatres.

15. Facebook will release a VR Social platform.

16. Twitter will integrate 360 photos and video onto the platform, so people can post without a problem.

17. An entirely new game genre will emerge, probably produced by a startup without a prior operating history.


Social Media Bold Predictions

18. Facebook via Oculus will launch a new type of VR device, for example, mixed/augmented reality spectacles or a wearable device.

19. Social selling will boom and offer increased ecommerce opportunities for brands, opening up new revenue platforms, helping boost sales and generate massive interest from word of mouth - there’ll be a product that goes viral at a record daily sales rate not seen before.

20. Using Alexa, Siri, Cortana and many other voice-activated services to post updates and tweets will become commonplace.

21. Geolocation services will be used more widely and more accurately by social networks, such as linking user location and communications between businesses and their closeby customers to spark engagement.

22. A brand new, favoured and popular social network will take off that isn’t currently around.

23. Facebook Messenger will use Augmented Reality to engage users with their surroundings more, through offering greater levels of information on the things around them via the Facebook Messenger camera.

24. Virtual reality and 360 video posts on Facebook will become a norm.

25. Chatbots will become the first port of call for customers looking for quick information or answers to generic questions online, via a brand's social media chatbot messaging service.


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