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Social Media Optimisation

In this day and age, it is not enough to rely on perfect design and flawless SEO to guarantee a site’s success. It can take a while for a new site to become indexed and can take months before search engines are generating enough traffic to make your site successful, immediately after launch.

What is needed, is a method by which you can reach users ahead of the launch, to generate interest and buzz and ultimately drive traffic to your new site in those crucial first few months. What you need is a social media strategy. But first, you need to understand your market. Many people will neglect this and just get themselves a twitter account, believing it to be a one shot solution to their social media problems. This will inevitably fail. You need to understand:

  • Who you are aiming your site at?
  • What are their web habits?
  • Are they even receptive to social media?

Imagine, if you will, that you are about to launch a website selling Cruise Ship holidays. You principle market is going to be the 50+ age group. It is going to be no use, for example, directing your efforts at a Facebook campaign, when the principle demographic using Facebook is aged 18 to 25. If you are selling 18 to 30 holidays, obviously, you could be on to a winner! Once you have decided that your target group is using social media you need to establish:

  • How they are using it.
  • Why they are using it.
  • Where they are using it.

Understanding these factors will enable you to create a social media strategy, aligning your business' marketing objectives with the right kind of social media. Now you have established who your market is and the receptivity to social media, you next need to understand how they will critique any social media you send their way. How it is viewed, is based 30% on the title of the media, 30% on the presentation and 40% content. So it is essential that you know that what you are putting out in to the ether is optimised and practically perfect. You must ensure that you stay on message and that your objective is clear. The last thing you want to do is confuse your target audience! Armed with this knowledge you can start to use Social Media to promote your site and business.




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