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How NOT to use social networking for your business

It is very easy to lose your way with social networking. If you are using a social netwook to raise awareness of your company or brand there are some important things you need to take on board.

Try not to overcomplicate the things you are saying.

Keep it simple and on message.  Bear in mind that the people you are communicating with will most likely not have the level of knowledge about your industry as you do.

Social Networking is all about getting personal with your audience...

But not too personal! Remember that you are talking to current and potential clients; they do want friendly interaction but not your life story!

Don’t aggressively expand your Social Networks.

It is better to have 5 really engaged friends or fans, who will spread the word about you, than 10,000 clueless Johnny-come-latelys.

Do not sell!

That is not the purpose of your presence on a social network. If you do it right, brand awareness comes as a by-product of being on a social network.

Don’t fake it.

What you are looking to do, is put across the personality of you or your employees, not a manufactured ‘Corporate Personality’. It’s about conveying the human aspect of your company. Savvy users will spot a fake and spread the word and this will ultimately stifle your success. If you bear these things in mind when using social networks, you will find that in time, you can develop a large and fruitful network.

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