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Enhance your professional profile with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is growing fast... really fast! As of 2017, the networking site for professionals could boast 500 million users, with 23+ users in the UK alone. Here are 5 reasons why you need to get yourself on to LinkedIn today.

1. You will get your name out there

More and more professionals are searching within LinkedIn for other professional services, using the powerful targeted search function within the site. If you do not have a LinkedIn profile and your competition does, then you could be losing out on some important business opportunities!

2. You will give yourself more online credibility

LinkedIn allows you to list projects past and present, your CV and perhaps most importantly, your skill set. You can also ask peers you are connected with, to post recommendations about you for others to see. No other place on the web does this in quite the same way.

3. You will make yourself more connectable

Within LinkedIn you can connect to old professional contacts, clients, past and present colleagues and employers. This will, in turn, create a more personal edge to your professional network. Via these immediate connections you are also able to reach out to their other connections through the 'friend of a friend' mechanism, enabling you to reach out even further. Don't forget that other users can also request to be connected to you after finding you using the LinkedIn search engine.

 With LinkedIn sponsored ads, you can choose to target certain types of business people; e.g IT managers within the travel sector, from companies of 100+ employees. Read more about LinkedIn sponsored ads >

4. You will help to increase your Search Engine presence

LinkedIn accounts are indexed by Google and are afforded a very high Page Rank. This means that your account can provide an additional way for people to find you and your skills through searching on Google as well. You should also know that a link to your personal and company website, from your account placed on your LinkedIn, will be crawled by Google's search bot, providing your profile with a strong and credible backlink.

5. You will spread knowledge of your expertise

The facility exists for you to answer the questions of other users in the Answers section of the LinkedIn site. Helping solve other users' problems, relating to your field in this way, demonstrates your expertise. Knowledge sharing such as this can go a long way to increasing the odds of strong leads via LinkedIn.

At SOZO we offer a LinkedIn training session, where we talk you through the different mechanisms involved on LinkedIn, the levels of membership and how to get the best out of your account. Call Shaun Uthup for more details on 01242 511912 or email If you have any questions regarding this article please comment below!

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