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What you should expect from an SEO expert

Christian from SOZO Design discusses what you should expect from a SEO expert. He aims to help you find an ethical and intelligent SEO by ensuring they follow a number of key principles.

"It is often the case that a company will employ the services of an SEO expert or a web design agency to improve their search engine rankings.

For every good SEO company and web design agency out there, there are an equal number of cowboys who promise a lot but deliver little. So before you decide who to go with, it is important that whoever you choose adheres to the following principles.

A website should be useable, quick to load and a joy to browse. If it's not then any SEO techniques or efforts applied will be wasted.

You should not allow the impact or accuracy of your copy on your website to be compromised. You want your copy to be search engine friendly, but at the same time it still needs to be impactful and to communicate your message clearly and accurately.

Communication with you, the client, is essential. Whoever is doing your SEO needs to keep in touch with you, keep you updated with regular progress updates and suggestions for refinement and improvement. And they need to do this in a way that you can easily understand.

It's important that any SEO techniques or methods applied to your site are future proof. Search engines are changing their algorithms and the ways in which they rank websites on a monthly basis, avoid any techniques that seem suspicious.

Any negatives must be communicated and addressed. Whoever is doing your SEO will not always have good news, there are going to be things that need refining and looking at on an ongoing basis.

Your SEO expert shouldn't be afraid to point out the negatives, but they also need to be proactive in how to move forward and address them."

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