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The modern SEO strategy requires time, patience and more importantly a two way partnership between client and specialist. Here are a few of things that you can do which will improve your SEO and help your specialist.

We believe that a properly executed SEO strategy is a two way partnership between the client and the SEO specialist.
There are a few key things that you can do to help them along the way.
Keep coming up with fresh and original copy for Google to index. Google will always favour the website which is kept regularly up to date and this is probably the most useful thing you can do to help your SEO specialist.
You can also work to increase the number of links that exist on the internet coming back to your website, we call this activity link building. Using social media to distribute these links is an excellent and efficient way to do so.
A word of warning though, quality is always preferable to quantity.
Do not be tempted to purchase links, as these are often of poor quality and in the long term can actually harm your SEO efforts.
It is also important to remember that Google is constantly changing its search algorithm, and this means that your SEO strategy will need to be constantly reviewed. 
And as a good proportion of SEO is in fact reacting to these changes by Google, you must be prepared to have to rework large sections of your website at various points, to keep your site Google friendly.
If I had to offer one Golden Tip however, it would be to 'never rest on your laurels'.
All to often we have seen people achieve excellent results, but then spending too much time standing back admiring them. Over time these results will start to tail off, and no one likes to see their hard work go to waste!
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