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What does SEO actually mean?

Christian is sick and tired of so called experts claiming the death of SEO every time Google makes a change.

"I've lost count of the number of times that I read these articles which claim SEO is dead!

It seems whenever a search engine updates its algorithm or changes the way it ranks websites these articles come out of the woodwork either online, or in magazines, claiming SEO is no more!

This raises the question of what does SEO actually mean?

Well SEO stands for 'Search Engine Optimisation'. If you are someone who applies dubious techniques to raise the SEO profile of a website, and a search engine updates itself to counter these techniques, then in that sense to you, SEO might be deemed as dead.

But just because a search engine changes or evolves its methods for ranking a website doesn't mean that SEO is dead. It just means that SEO has to change and adapt, move allong with these changes.

So when a search engine makes changes, it could be small or it could be dramatic, it does not mean SEO is dead, or that it is a new era. It just means that whom ever is doing your SEO needs to evolve with it.

Search engines change so often. Google changes roughly once a month now and I have been involved in the SEO industry now for many years and I am having to constantly relearn, adapt and change the way I do things.

So if you are a business who has someone doing SEO for you, that SEO has to be willing to constantly relearn to stay on top of these changes.

So no, SEO is not dead, you just have to make sure to know what changes are being made to make sure your website is up to scratch."

We think that the key here is to do ethical SEO... the long path may be less instantly gratifying, but it is worth it to not see Google repeatedly sink your clients in the rankings!

What do you think?

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