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Link Building Advice

Link building used to be easy. Today, it is tougher than ever to find and build credible links into your website. Here are some pointers to direct towards an advised approach for link building.

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Link building is an ongoing effort over time to acquire links from other websites back to your own.

Google looks at who else links to your website to gain a better understanding of it and to determine its credibility.

Look for links from other websites that share a similar topic of interest to your own, however, use caution when exchanging links with other websites. Linking with websites deemed suspicious or lacking by Google can affect your own search engine positioning.

Quality over quantity is essential – a few links from credible websites is better than a thousand links from suspicious or poor quality websites.

Finally, look at how the pages within your own website are linked together. Ensure all of your pages provide clear navigation and access to the more important areas of your website. Ensure that related pages link between one another throughout your website.

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