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The days of the internet being confined to homes and office are over.

The days of the internet being confined to homes and office are over. With onset of 4G across the UK this will give the population broadband in the palm of their hand anywhere at anytime. This will change internet browsing for ever.

The statistics from Ofcom’s Communication Market Report show there will be even greater changes to come.
·      27% of adults are Smartphone users
·      47% of teens aged 12-15 own a Smartphone.
·      And over half of all adult Smartphone owners have purchased in the last year.  
Not only have we changed the way we access the Internet but we have changed where we access the internet. Over half of adult Smartphone users say they use their phone while socializing and nearly a quarter use it during a meal!
This means that your website could be viewed in someone's hand whilst at home which is a totally different experience to the traditional sat at a desk computer during office hours. A user's mentality is very different when at home on a mobile device.

As web designers we must take into account all of these massive changes in the way we now design our sites.

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