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The rise of the mobile phone and website links

It wasn't long ago that a phone was just a phone. We made calls, sent text messages and sometimes we even sent each other, dare I say it, picture messages too.

Mobile phones can now safely be placed in the same category as your laptop or even your desktop computer.

The number of features and functionality available on mobile phones has grown exponentially to a point, where people are browsing more and more web sites using their phones than ever before.

This trend is set to rise sharply in the next few years. If you run a business and have a website, I want you to think about your contact details. Ask yourself the question, 'how contactable am I?'  Websites commonly have a contact page containing a phone number and contact email address.  Often, you will find them at the bottom of each webpage too. 'Great', I hear you say, 'what's new about that?' When you see an email address, you will notice that it will invariably allow you to click on it and send an email. But, what about your telephone contact number?

Now take a step back and think about the ever increasing browsing habits of mobile phone users. Wouldn't it be great if the mobile user could browse your website, see your contact phone number, click on it and be in direct contact with your business right there, right then?

Here are SOZO, we like to keep our eye on the future and also keep in mind our customers' wider audience. That is why we can ensure that your website contact phone number will enable your audience to contact you instantly. 'What if I'm looking at the website using my desktop or laptop computer?' Well, if you have a Voice Over IP (VoIP) software application installed such as SKYPE, you can also click on the phone number and call too.

The main message I want you to walk away with is the need to think not only about the message your website conveys but also about how contactable you are too. If your message meets the need of your audience, they will more than likely want to talk to you. Increasing your ability to be contacted by any and all means should always be of paramount importance.

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