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Mobile devices for online marketing? Is it worth it?

A few years ago, using 3G internet on a mobile phone was costly and frustratingly slow. Today, the number of people with a modern internet capable device, or 'smart phone' is increasing at a dramatic rate.

Maybe it's just the inherent lack of patience in the modern day world, or perhaps a genuine thirst for instant knowledge in this time of 24 hour news.

The fact remains, that last year, sales of the iPhone doubled globally whilst the worldwide sales of smart phones shot up by 24%. It is actually probable that by the end of 2011 smart phones will be outselling PCs. The point is, mobile internet is here and it is becoming more and more important. The search engines know this and are already paying attention.

As a result of the mobile internet's rise, the top search engines have a seperate index for mobile sites. Currently, they are much smaller than the comparative normal web indexes. What this means, is that early adopters will find it very easy to SEO to the top of search results, putting you one up on your competitors!

If you have a mobile version of your site, people will always choose to use your services over competitors who do not have a mobile site. This is simply because your mobile freindly site loads much faster. Remember that mobile internet users are not interested in waiting around!

Something to think about? 

I am interested in hearing what other people think about the growth of mobile internet, so please leave your thoughts and comments below.

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