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Why market your business on Facebook?

Facebook offers a revolution in online marketing. With around a billion users worldwide and almost half of the UK's population now a part of the Facebook community, it's mad to ignore this powerful marketing channel.

There are 30 million users in the UK alone, and to gain access to the users to promote your product or business, you need to create a Facebook Business Page.

A Facebook business page allows you to create relationships with your customers, long term meaningful relationships, and create two way conversation. You can get direct feedback from your customers about your product, competition or campaign.

You can create an online community and develop this and use this as part of your business, for blogging or any other kind of web activity.

You can also create your brand on Facebook, This is called Social Commerce. You can actually have a shop within the Facebook environment.

Now what this allows you to do is basically promote and show off your products, but they can also buy from within Facebook. Now previously you had to have the customer leave Facebook which would create a drop off of in the number of users which would complete the buying process. So we cut out the step by having it within the Facebook environment.

Facebook allows you to access this brand new audience which has never been available to online marketers before, an online focus group in a relaxed environment. If you can tap into that market and have something that is interactive or conversational you can really build on the power of Facebook to share a product or business idea.

Facebook enables you to push information out to your customer base. Much like you would with an e-newsletter,people subscribed to an e-newsletter expect to receive one monthly or quarterly. You can do this with Facebook updates in a similar way, except they are often more regular, maybe once or twice a week, informing a customer of an upcoming sale with your e-commerce perhaps or just an event you are attending or something similar.

Word of mouth is key in a sales environment, to really push and generate more sales.

Facebook digitises this word of mouth mentality, allowing sharing of content of products between friends and recommendations especially.

You can use Facebook pages and Facebook business to drive traffic to your website. Some pages have a better strategy or effect than others.

Sometimes it's better to keep it quite focussed within the Facebook environment to be more successful.

You can also use Facebook in a customer service role. For example, if you are sending out packages and your customer hasn’t received it yet, you could give them an update over Facebook.

Now here at SOZO we can setup a long term Facebook strategy for you.

This includes setting up a Business Facebook Page for you. Through this page we can set up custom applications and this is effectively like starting off with a blank canvas.

Within Facebook, now you can pretty much have whatever you want within the Facebook environment. This could be an e-commerce shop, a sign up for a newsletter or competition, or perhaps a micro version of your website.

We can also design prominent banner images for your page, these are the first thing a customer sees upon landing on your page.

We also offer as part of the business strategy Facebook advertising. We would advise on the best strategy for you advertising methods, what suits your business, where to direct your traffic and what kind of budget to set.

We can also advise on the best ways to share content, the tone of voice to have when posting statuses, updates, content etc on you Facebook page.

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