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How can I use Facebook for business?

As of the 31st of March 2010, there has been a 35% increase in the number of people and companies on Facebook bringing the total in the UK now to approx. 25 million. So, with its growing user base, it seems it's time to get your business on Facebook. However, once you're on there, how do you make the best use out of the extra exposure?

Create a Profile

Fill out all the relevant sections of information to describe:

  • what you do
  • who you are
  • where you are

Plus other relevant information about your company, much like you would with an ‘About Us’ section on a website. Don’t forget to add some professional pictures of yourself or your company so people can recognise you online.

Building Your ‘Friends’ List

The biggest question after creating your profile is who do you add? The best place to start is with clients or other companies that you know have a presence on Facebook. This allows you to tap into their ‘friendship’ group and build up your own following. You can also use your address book and search for any email addresses or names through Facebook. Note: Networking is always based around a two-way exchange - if you can help someone, they are more than likely to reciprocate.

Making Use of Discussion

Facebook’s 'Discussion' allows users to ask questions and start threads similar to a forum, but on a smaller scale. This could be used as a method to talk more to potential clients.

Adding Applications to Your Profile

Linking your Facebook page to other elements of your social media presence is a good way to improve your following.

Facebook allows you to link a blog to a profile through a dedicated application.


This allows any tweets you make on your twitter profile to be automatically posted as your Facebook status, ensuring you keep up your profile activity.

Extended Information

By adding the Extended Info application, you can customise and create many more fields compared to those available in the standard Facebook info section.

Build Your Own Application

If possible, building your Facebook application can provide a unique aspect for your Facebook page, as well as adding some personality. Tying it in with your brand, product, or website as a game or activity would allow users on Facebook on and off to enjoy.


Some of the big companies that run Facebook pages have huge success:

Elements of their success can be mirrored on your own pages to build up your own following. Just remember: be engaging, have regular and informative content, discuss, and network.

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