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Mobile shopping to increase by 400%!

Over the next five years, mobile sales are set to increase by 400%. In the US alone, M-commerce sales are forecast to reach $31bn by 2016.

Browsing the internet on a mobile device is a very different experience to browsing on a computer or laptop. There are the obvious differences such as screen size and speed, but the big difference is the touchscreen interface, which makes for a much more intimate, tactile experience. Users are physically touching your product images, so this allows for a more human interaction.


“But I still prefer to buy on a computer”

Purchases on computers and laptops still account for the lion’s share of all actual online sales, and they will always play a significant part. Mobile will not replace PCs and laptops completely.

At the moment the general trend is for people to browse on a mobile but then buy on a computer. The two main reasons people are reluctant to buy on a mobile at the moment are:

1 Confidence and habit
A lot of people have only just got used to giving their credit card details to a website (something which 10 years ago a lot of people said they would never do!)

Once buying on a mobile becomes commonplace there will be a massive tipping point and the floodgates will open.

2 Complicated buying process
Purchasing from a website on a mobile device is usually not an easy process. This is all set to change imminently with 1-Click buying. All of the banks and major players such as iTunes, Amazon etc., are investing heavily in 1-Click.

So buying on a mobile will soon be commonplace, and eventually it may even replace your wallet. You will even be able to use it to pay for goods in shops.

What about tablets?
Tablets are the bridge between traditional desktop computers and mobile phones. Sales of tablet devices are growing exponentially across all age groups.

The trend of browsing on a tablet but buying on a computer is changing rapidly as more and more people use their tablet device exclusively for internet browsing, and are increasingly comfortable making purchases on it.
As the buying process becomes simpler and quicker, tablet commerce is only going to increase, so make sure your website is optimised for all tablet devices.

My advice is to get ahead of the game. M-commerce is here to stay, so now’s the time to ensure your business is ready for it.

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