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How will iPhone 6 and Apple Pay affect mobile ecommerce sales?

Will the new larger iPhone screens and the introduction of Apple Pay be a game-changer for selling products online on mobile devices?

There are two potentially game-changing announcements from Apple regarding their new iPhone 6.

1. The screen is larger

This makes browsing an ecommerce website or app on your phone a much better experience. You can see more of the product (in high resolution) and it's less cumbersome to use.

2. Apple Pay

This will potentially have the biggest impact on ecommerce sales from a mobile device. Currently, it's a laborious and long-winded process to pay online using your phone. With Apple Pay, it's literally 1-click. Will this open the floodgates?

I believe that these two developments along with ever increasing internet speeds on a mobile, will lead to a sharp increase in people buying products from their mobile device.


So how do you prepare for this?

Firstly, make sure your ecommerce website is fully mobile responsive so that it will automatically adjust to the larger screen sizes.

Next, test your mobile website thoroughly to make sure that the buying process is as seamless as possible. Use your site regularly on a mobile and continually test it as and when you add new content.



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